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The Happy Sacrifices of a Mama

It feels a bit audacious to entitle this post with that line. What mom wouldn't give all for her kids, if she could? It's not what the dreamy romantic younger version of myself thought of first when I dreamed of having a family one day, to be honest. As the dream come true unfolds, the… Continue reading The Happy Sacrifices of a Mama

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How to Recover from Birth

Dear mama, You've just come through it, haven't you? I remember the complete shock when my first child was born. My first thought was "Whoa, heavy!" It was a water birth & as soon as he was in my arms, I realized why it was so crazy carrying him those last few weeks- 9 lbs… Continue reading How to Recover from Birth

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What’s it’s like being a mom of 2 :) 11 months in!

It's been 11 months since having our second child and I thought it would be nice to share how it's been going! First, you see those faces?! I adore them! My children, a boy and girl, are 19 months apart. My daughter was born last February and my son was born two Junes before that.… Continue reading What’s it’s like being a mom of 2 🙂 11 months in!

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2019- Year in Review

2019 will always be the year I had my baby girl. She came to us "late" but early this year in February. Such a sweet gift and perfect addition to our family. I just finished playing with my son, laying beside each other laughing inside his tent. There's nothing that fills my heart so much… Continue reading 2019- Year in Review

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What I wish They Told Me Before Having 2 Kids under 2

Here's what I wish "they" would've told me before I had 2 kids under 2. Fall and Christmas plates & decor come back in season before you know it. Just leave them out! 🙂 You might feel like you are required to be the energizer bunny & pulled in many directions, but just breathe. It.will.all.come.together!… Continue reading What I wish They Told Me Before Having 2 Kids under 2

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Why People Think MLMs are BAD for Women

What a title, eh? Nope, I'm not Canadian! My passion for (true) feminism is what led me to write this article. MLMS have a stigma, to say the least. I've never paid too much attention to stigmas, especially when it comes to something I have solidly thought through, talked through with a few close people… Continue reading Why People Think MLMs are BAD for Women