A Book Recommendation: Words Unspoken by Elizabeth Musser

I just finished a captivating read and thought- I need to do some book recommendations on the blog!

I am an avid reader and adore historical fiction. My preference is to read a book that takes my heart from the place which I started and deposits me into a new place. Forever changed from what I have read.

That is also my goal in writing books one day. I’ve come to notice that while nonfiction challenges the mind, fiction has the great opportunity to bypass the mind (on some level) and go straight to our hearts.


Since this book was written in 2009, you may find it wherever used books are sold on the internet; I’m not sure about in bookstores. A simple search told me that you may buy it for $2.99 plus shipping or as low as $1.35, I think.

I borrowed it from my local library.

Who Should Read This:

This book is psychological fiction. My highest recommendation would be for any who have experienced traumatic deaths, depression and/or fear of traumatic events and deaths. Now, this book will journey you through these things, but will definitely have moments of touching these places in the heart. I would’ve wished that someone would have told me this before I read it, so I could be open with a close friend about the things going on inside my heart. Thankfully, my husband is my close friend, so I ended up being able to let him in on how I was feeling in the beginning of this book and the follow-up at the end. That was really helpful for me.

What it is About:

Largely, this is a deep read that delves into human nature and many different peoples’ stories and then brings it all together in the end. I don’t want to say much more than that, to allow the reader to experience much of the same that I got to experience!

On a more detailed note, this book acknowledges the fact that we all hear voices in our minds. These voices can guide us to great things; these voices can threaten to completely overcome us with despair. It was the most amazing experience for me to acknowledge that it’s not something that I alone experience, but that each one of us experiences this within. Coming to realize the power of these negative voices and the power of voices speaking truth is something I hope to freshly bring to my awareness again and again over the years. This book did an extravagant job of journeying through this truth of life and I think that many can relate to this deeply.

Fun to Note:

The author herself is from Atlanta, Georgia but lives in Lyon, France. I love her global perspective as well as her down-home Southern experiences written throughout the pages of this book! Anyone who has been to the South and experienced it’s delightful warmth and beauty will find pleasure in going back there. For those of us who have not been to France or abroad very much, it was fun to feel the experience of one of the character’s cities and the traditions of that European city.

All in all, I hope you can get your hands on this book and give it a read. I hope your heart is touched, like mine was.

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