When it Just Keeps being Hard

Hello friend!

I’m glad you’re here.

It’s been a tough year for a lot of us, hasn’t it?

I think we’ve all had many reasons for our hearts to feel downtrodden.

That’s me, for sure.

I’m usually able to stay in a bright place and find the joy, but doing that has been like pulling teeth this year!

I’ve been Ailene the Grouch and just so tired, emotionally, physically, every way.

I just wanted to write a love note to your heart and mine.

Dear Heart,

You’ve been through a lot lately, haven’t you?

Do you know just how much you are loved?

Take a minute, breathe and think about all those who love you.

Feel that love.

You’ve been thinking about all of the people who frustrate you, all of the people who aren’t getting it right and feeling worst of all, like a complete failure in this area yourself.

Don’t put so much weight on yourself, heart.

You don’t have to do so much.

You don’t have to output so much, keep so much up that requires so much energy you don’t have in this season.

And on that note, heart, it’s just a season.

This too will move into greener pastures.

No, it really, really will. I know what you’re thinking, I know that even though you know green pastures are likely to come, you’re not sure this funk will ever lift.

There’s just too much that keeps coming against you, day after day.

But, just.

Breathe. In and out.

Look at the sunset.

Look at your children or cute cats or dogs. Or gerbils, or pigs or whatever. Just look at pictures if nothing else!

It’s still proven to release oxytocin, so go for it!

I pray that rainbows come your way and so much love from my heart to yours friend.

Kauai, Hawaii Photo Credit: Carl Shotsberger

Much love,

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I'm Ailene! Here to encourage you, friend! A girl full of dreams, a mom of 2, a wife & a daughter of God. I write to be courageous and to inspire courage.

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