If you ever have the chance to heal your body, to give space for your mental, emotional and physical health, I pray you take it.
Over more money, or even enough money.
This has been my experience this year and it wasn’t something cool I did and it didn’t look glamorous. But it did give me a sense of safety and self back.
I’m so so fortunate to have loved ones who helped in this process.

We all have a God who is a Father, our Father in heaven and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and these three in one are committed to the healing process with us.

This time of year we remember our God is called Emmanuel, which means God with us.
God the Father is with us because His son came to us and when He died and resurrected, He gave to each of us the gift of the Holy Spirit. The only thing we have to do is believe.

And how can we believe?

I’ve been in a space where I desperately wanted to believe good things were true, but I just couldn’t make myself.
And I somehow told God this as I was doubting everything.
And I was given the gift of faith.

Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the Word of God. (Romans 10:17)
This is why the bible is such a treasure for all of us.
We can argue up and down about the bible, but I’ve personally never read anything as majestic as the bible.
As personal, with words that touch me and change the way I think and act.
And the way I love others around me.

And do you know, the only way that I love others well is because I feel loved first.
Honestly, when I feel terrible inside and unloved, I don’t love well. I’m short and terse and snapping. Or angry and fearful.
Something wild and free has happened in my life as I was given the gift of faith…I felt more loved than I ever felt before.
It was a warm glow that didn’t make sense but felt amazing. Like living inside a cloud filled with sunshine.
I think that’s the power of God the Holy Spirit who was given to us to show us the Father’s love, through Jesus.

They are all intertwined and connected, the same but different expressions but un-understandable, a mystery. Yet a mystery with an invitation to be fascinated.
If you happen to be in places of the soul like I experience many times in my life, it’s okay to whisper and ask for the gift of faith.

God is faithful and He will give it to you.

Contact me on any of my socials if you want to talk more about this. I’m another wandering soul through this life ❤


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