How to Visit Great Wolf Lodge Affordably & Stress-free!

We just got back and it was wonderful!

How to Visit Great Wolf Lodge on the cheap & (hopefully) stress-free:

  1. Get a Day Pass. Prices vary from as low as $30 for a full day or up to over $100 for a full day pass. There is also an option for a half day pass. I’m not sure what causes the variance in prices, but you can check it out ahead of time on their Day Pass page and look for the cheapest dates.
  2. Kids 2 and under are free! We went the day before my 3 year old’s birthday, which worked out nicely!
  3. Mention a birthday at the front desk to see if they may offer a special free treat.
  4. Ask the front desk for Wolf Ears which are free for the whole family! Makes a cute photo!
  5. Don’t and I repeat don’t do any upgrades. There are a TON.
  6. Don’t be like us and pack a full beach bag. I wish we had taken an empty bag with only a few snacks. We didn’t need towels, just a change of clothes that we wore over our swimsuits. Don’t forget to pack undies 🙂
  7. The lockers vary in price with the largest one being $15.
  8. We ate out at a nearby fast food restaurant, but there is food inside the water park which would be much more convenient. But it is super pricey!
  9. During the winter, no need to bring sunscreen or wear extra sun protection. So awesome!
  10. Bring water, because you will be SO thirsty. Not sure why! Don’t worry about life jackets for babies or kids, if you don’t want to because they had all of the sizes there.

Hope these tips can help you enjoy a stress-free and affordable day out at Great Wolf Lodge!

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