Day One Prompt “Arches”

“Life is a series of ups and downs and all the in betweens. Victory is always sweetest, but failure is the best way to learn. Create something inspired by a triumph or a defeat.”

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Happy creating!

This is an arch poem of my journey over the past few years. It begins from the left and is meant to be read from “weary” to “loved” as the last word. It is both what felt like triumphs and many defeats.

It’s a journey of my heart and it’s my walk with God.

Sometimes I’m wondering, and I’m still wandering. But I’ve always been held and learned to intertwine my heart with God’s in the seasons of waiting, learning to hope.

And most of all, learning that in it all I’m loved.


[ luhvd ]


“held in deep affection; cherished: loved companions; much-loved friends.


p.s. My five-year-old son and I have gotten into the habit of doing art alongside each other on these summer afternoons when his little sister sleeps. I showed him the arch of my poem and he said it looked like a rainbow. I like that. God’s promises are good and still seen in the sky. What a treasure!

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