The Gift of “Play”

Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore?

If there’s one thing that I’ve felt too old to do anymore, it’s been to play.

This would have devastated a younger version of me!

I remember vowing to play forever, never giving it up, never giving up my imagination, and always saying yes to playing with any future kids I may have.

Carl and I were engaged when a wonderful woman came up to us at church & said that we were highlighted to her to give a word of encouragement to.

It was a joy and a delight to hear what she had to say!

She spoke about one of our primary callings in our marriage: to play and lead others to play.

At the time, we were small group leaders for college students and our group had some marvelous times together! We ate good food each week, played board games, and were even known to frequent local playgrounds together! We had such a blast and felt so strongly that these serious students needed the gift of playing and being silly in their lives! We are still friends with these students to this day (and if any of you want to take your kiddos and join us at a playground, let’s go!!)

Ways that we both do that in this season of life are video games and board games and rough and tumble instigated often by our kids.

Lately, though, I haven’t felt as ready to play when my kids invite me to, which is very often throughout the time we are together.

I’ve been exploring that.

I’m not too old to play.

The young teenage version of me who vowed to never give it up, she’s still in there somewhere!

I think I will repeat that phrase to myself and see what happens in the next week.

And I also want to brainstorm, what are other ways to add play into my life?

Getting outside, throwing a ball, frisbee, and hula-hooping to name a few. (Fun story there. A few summers ago, my sister and I were sitting on a picnic blanket when a super fun lady came up to us with many hula hoops hanging on her arms. Somehow I was on my feet with a hoop around my waist before I knew it! She taught me the secret to anyone being able to hula hoop- a larger circle that has more weight to it! So it is a slower movement that you can catch easier. I quickly bought one a few weeks later and really enjoy blasting music while hooping from time to time at home!)

How do you give yourself the gift of play?

Let’s stay playful and delightful human beings and embrace light-heartedness when so much pulls us down in these days we live in!



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