Bloganuary: What Brings You Joy in Life?

The prompt for yesterday was this question: “What brings you joy in life?” Connection. Connection to people and to God is what brings me joy the most consistently in life. The fragility of working on positive connection. The hope of setting up even more beautiful connections in the future. The organic interactions I have withContinue reading “Bloganuary: What Brings You Joy in Life?”

Day One Prompt “Arches”

“Life is a series of ups and downs and all the in betweens. Victory is always sweetest, but failure is the best way to learn. Create something inspired by a triumph or a defeat.” Be sure to tag @cest.lis and @createanywayco and use the hashtags #createanyway and #CAxKOR so we can all see. Happy creating! This is an arch poem of myContinue reading “Day One Prompt “Arches””

How to Visit Great Wolf Lodge Affordably & Stress-free!

We just got back and it was wonderful! How to Visit Great Wolf Lodge on the cheap & (hopefully) stress-free: Get a Day Pass. Prices vary from as low as $30 for a full day or up to over $100 for a full day pass. There is also an option for a half day pass.Continue reading “How to Visit Great Wolf Lodge Affordably & Stress-free!”

What Makes Me A Strong Woman- Truth From Scripture

Is being a financially wise wife a controversial statement?  I often think of my twenties as one big lesson in the art of becoming a woman. I have been very fortunate to have wonderful examples in the community in which I live, varying from successful single women to talented wives and mothers.  My mother, mother-in-love, grandmas, auntsContinue reading “What Makes Me A Strong Woman- Truth From Scripture”

25 Uses for the YL Premium Starter Kit

Hi friends! A family member just bought a PSK kit and it’s on my mind! It’s a combination of 11 essential oil 5 ml bottles + a beautiful diffuser & a few extra goodies (and a few more from my team!). It’s the best deal for starting out, saving a lot compared to buying eachContinue reading “25 Uses for the YL Premium Starter Kit”