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How to Recover from Birth

Dear mama, You've just come through it, haven't you? I remember the complete shock when my first child was born. My first thought was "Whoa, heavy!" It was a water birth & as soon as he was in my arms, I realized why it was so crazy carrying him those last few weeks- 9 lbs… Continue reading How to Recover from Birth

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2019- Year in Review

2019 will always be the year I had my baby girl. She came to us "late" but early this year in February. Such a sweet gift and perfect addition to our family. I just finished playing with my son, laying beside each other laughing inside his tent. There's nothing that fills my heart so much… Continue reading 2019- Year in Review

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Fear’s Words- Post by Hannah Rosenboom

This is a guest post, or you could say a "re-blog with permission" from Hannah Rosenboom of Sincerely Hannah.  Find original post and blog here. This specific writing of hers hit me so hard that I immediately wrote to ask if I could have her guest post like, right now on my blog and if… Continue reading Fear’s Words- Post by Hannah Rosenboom

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How I Prepare for Labor & Birth- Homebirth or Hospital

Hello friends! I'm here with another topic that requires courage! Labor & birth. I am 30 weeks along with my 2nd baby and starting to prepare for labor & her birth. This post is inspired by my conversations with many amazing moms who have had many amazing different birth stories. I love gaining tips from… Continue reading How I Prepare for Labor & Birth- Homebirth or Hospital