Why People Think MLMs are BAD for Women

What a title, eh? Nope, I’m not Canadian! My passion for (true) feminism is what led me to write this article. MLMS have a stigma, to say the least. I’ve never paid too much attention to stigmas, especially when it comes to something I have solidly thought through, talked through with a few close peopleContinue reading “Why People Think MLMs are BAD for Women”

The Essential Oil Craze- and Why I Love Them

Ah, the essential oil craze. It sure can seem like that on social media these days, can’t it! I never imagined they would become so popular; it’s so funny! It feels like there were a select few nerdy people who became aromatherapists and would maybe have sign-ups for an online course. And then…the general publicContinue reading “The Essential Oil Craze- and Why I Love Them”

An Easy Way to Combat Pregnancy Insomnia

Hello, courageous ones! Have you ever suffered from aches & pains while trying to sleep? I have! In fact, during pregnancy, it is even harder for me to sleep. Especially in the second and third trimesters as everything is stretching and growing! I’ve been wanting to share this post for awhile, but was freshly remindedContinue reading “An Easy Way to Combat Pregnancy Insomnia”