Life, Forever & Right Now

Last night I had a moment.IMG_1550

Of thinking about existing forever.

Panic began to rise. I almost had to give in.

Then I took a step back and peered into that fear.

I think I felt terrified because the only existence I have experienced is this life.

And this life can be stunningly beautiful and it’s so meaningful, but it can also be so hard and even terrible.

And the burden of that…it’s too heavy beyond 70 to 100 years, with grace.

I think this would be a good place to share my beliefs.

I believe that heaven is a real place. Beyond my imagination.

I have felt very real moments, tastes of what it is like.

I believe that heaven is lit with the purest Being’s light. That He actually is light.

And I believe that I will live forever in close relationship with God.

All the dearest things of this life, I believe heaven is only that.

And more.

I still have fear rise up when I try to imagine me living forever.

But the truth is, we all know that this life is short. Even when it’s long, it’s short.

And yet, each day is so consuming and usually it’s so normal that it’s amazing to me that I can completely forget the forever part.

The death part.

I can’t truly forget it, though. And when I remember that I am made for heaven, more than this fallen world, my life gets even more beautiful.

A Father of light on His throne. Steadfast, ruling His kingdom with perfect peace and justice.

A perfect Son of the Father, whose life came into our world and who lived, died and was risen from death! He now lives in that human body, but it is glorified.

1 Corinthians 15 talks about the glorified bodies we are also promised as an inheritance.

The wild thing, the thing that makes Christianity different than every other religion that I have studied, is the inheritance part.

In Christianity, we don’t get our inheritance because of us. Because of our good deeds. Because we ate pure things. Because we did right while living here on earth.

Instead, our inheritance is given to us as a gift from the One who already did it. He already was perfect. God’s Son came to earth and lived a perfect life, took our punishment and lives again. And it was all the greatest love story ever.

Scripture describes us who believe as a collective Bride. To me, I have felt that this means that we each, equally have the opportunity to be close to the Lord. Our position is just like a bride and then a wife is to her husband. It’s a great analogy!

There is also the Holy Spirit. And oh, all Three are my favorite and are One, according to what I believe, but how I love the Holy Spirit.

He is the gentle voice I hear saying, this way Ailene, not that way. Say this, lovely one, you don’t have to say that. Go here, do this.

I believe that the Holy Spirit is perfectly communicating God’s voice and will to me.

And the level that He is personal…it is ASTOUNDING! Where are my keys, Holy Spirit? Instantly, my hands are on them. How will my crying son be able to take his nap? If I put the paci in his mouth just so & tuck his blanket one more time. Bam, he’s asleep.

Life in the right now, connected to heaven…there is no other way to live your best life. There’s no other way for me to live my best life, any who!

I’d be happy to continue the conversation.

What is your experience of life?

What are your beliefs?

I promise you’ll find a thoughtful and welcoming friend to talk to. I don’t believe in pushing my beliefs on people. That is impossible!

I believe in love. And the same love that won my entire heart, into eternity, can win yours. Hopefully, it already has!

You are loved, friend!



Join the Journey!

I am feeling this beauty in my life lately. It reminds me of a song.

11 See! The winter is past;
    the rains are over and gone.
12 Flowers appear on the earth;
    the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves
    is heard in our land.

Song of Songs 2:11-12

The notes hit passionate lows and breathtaking highs…and I am swirled along, caught up in it all.

Life seems incredibly hard at moments but is incredibly beautiful, also.

I suppose it always is?

Something about having a little life growing within me, for the very first time, really does take my breath away.

For those of you who haven’t ever encountered me over at Courage is in the Leap, here I am with a new, free version of my blog.

It was such a hard decision, after pouring a year of thoughts into a lovely domain name.

But nevertheless, here I am at the location and this is me, saying I’!

Maybe I’ll re-open my original website at a later date, but for now and new mommyhood, easy is best!

Come, enjoy this journey with me.

I hope you feel right at home inside these words I write.

I hope you even want to share your own precious thoughts back with me! 🙂

Dear Courageous Ones,

Courage is still leaping and the invitation’s still open to come with me in your leaping!